Feature Video:THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD Video-Cast Episode #6 with AFANTU hosted by AGD & Vago of the DINUNZIO BROTHERS


Checkout our top contender to be the next Champion of the World!!! 

AFANTU : Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/wearelospoetas/


Baby Shark Cereal Petition: It’s time to end Kellogg’s Lies

Episode #5 with FLIPOUT hosted by the DINUNZIO BROTHERS

How Mindfulness Empowers Us

Reality Check: California's New Vaccine Law Puts Kids In Danger

Rachel Corrie Tribute

Rachel Corrie has become the international symbol of bravery and justice.

From a young age, she was an advocate for human rights. When she became a young woman, she was a volunteer for a human rights organization that journeyed to Gaza. There, their mission was to save the homes of the innocent Palestinian families from the wrecking ball of the Israeli demolition squads who were seizing land ILLEGALLY in gaza. She was murdered trying to save the home of a Palestinian pharmacist and his family. Rachel's bravery will never be forgotten. Everyday, more and more people become aware of Rachel's work in Palestine and the positivity she left behind. Her parents have tirelessly been working for the last 7 years to bring justice for the shocking and disgraceful behaviour shown by the Israeli and American governments regarding Rachel's death. I sincerely hope you will help Rachel, her parents and supporters by spreading this video and learning more about her. Please visit the Rachel Corrie Foundation:


I am Bradley Manning (full HD)

It's time to stop the war on whistle-blowers. iam.bradleymanning.org | #iambradleymanning

Surviving The Matrix Hosted by Max Igan                  "Government is Racketeering"

Abby Martin & Chris Hedges: War, Propaganda & the Enemy Within

Abby Martin interviews Chris Hedges on American myths, war and revolt. Hedges explains the 'folly of Empire,' the dangers posed by right-wing extremism and the urgent need for a new system.

Our top contender to be the next Champion of the World! SUZKA is on Episode#4


video-cast episode#3 with DOM MARCEL COULOMBE hosted by THE DINUNZIO BROTHERS 

THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD video-cast with the Yogi "Flat Smacker" MAK PARHAR, hosted by THE DINUNZIO BROTHERS AGD,and Vago. 

The Champions Of The World Video-Cast interviewing music artist Concise The Black Knight

The DiNunzio Brothers - Harvester- TrueCore 

New video release off The DiNunzio Brothers TrueCore album titled "Harvester"

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The Truth About Addiction - Gabor Maté & The Peace on Drugs

What really makes an addict? Is it because of addictive drugs? Gabor Maté goes deep with addiction

"LOVE" (Everything you have been told was a lie)

What is Love? This video shows the Real meaning of the word.

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